Albertsons Survey – Take Albertsons® Survey & Win a $100 Gift Card

Sweepstake Name Albertsons Survey & Sweepstake
Sweepstake Rewards $100 Gift Card
Sweepstakes Regions Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington or Wyoming
Survey Methods Online, By-Mail & Store Visit
Survey Language English


Albertsons Survey Rules

  • No purchase is necessary to win the sweepstakes
  • Your minimum age should be 18
  • Employees, Affiliates, and sponsors of the company are not eligible to take part in the survey
  • Must be a US resident of one of the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington or Wyoming
  • Winners are responsible for federal and state Taxation where applicable
  • 10 winners will be selected in each monthly drawing, each winner will receive a $100 Albertsons gift card
  • Winners will be notified within 6 to 8 weeks after drawing date
  • No transfer or substitution of any prize is allowed, except at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

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Steps to take Albertsons Survey

There are 3 ways to take the survey: Online, By Mail and By Visiting Store

Enter the survey online


  • Make a purchase and save the receipt
  • After that visit Albertson’s survey site at
  • On the survey homepage click the blue text link that says “Online Survey”
  • Enter the receipt details in the empty box and click on Submit button
  • Once your receipt details will verify you can enter into the survey
  • In the survey answer all the questions honestly and submit your feedback
  • Upon completion of the survey, you will be given further instructions of sweepstake reward

Enter the survey without any Purchase

For this entry Write your full name, full address including city state zip code, phone number, email on a 3″X5″ card and send it to the following address:

  • M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038

Enter the survey by Visiting the Store

  • Visit an Albertsons store
  • At the store, contact manager to take the survey as a non-purchase visitor, or ask a manager if you can take the survey as one of the ‘non-purchase’ visitors.
  • Fill out the customer survey form and submit it to the store manager

About Albertsons

Albertsons Companies is an American market firm based and headquartered in Boise, Idaho. It’s independently owned and run by investors, as an instance, Cerberus Capital Management.

The provider is the second-largest supermarket chain in North America with over 2,200 shops and over 250,000 workers after Kroger.

3 thoughts on “Albertsons Survey – Take Albertsons® Survey & Win a $100 Gift Card”

  1. Tried to take the survey, unavailable ??? Called phone number on receipt, said survey down due to covid. What in heavens name does covid got to do with a survey and contest for $100 gift card????????????????? Ridiculous.
    1. Albertsons enforces strict covid regulations for their customers, BUT does NOT enforce same regulations for their staff. Cashier uses the same gloves for 10 to 50 + customers, touching the monies, groceries, products etc. that the customers before me touched with their bare (dirty/germ infested) hands. But I can’t put my “ALBERTSONS” collapsible shopping bag on the conveyor belt and cashier can’t remove product, scan and replace it due to covid????? But I can be ordered to take my products out of the bag, place them on the conveyor belt (where everyone else put their stuff) then cashier pickup and scans, touching it with the dirty gloves and then I can put them back in the albertson’s bag. ????? Really ?????? AND the card machine, yes it has plastic on it but NEVER wiped down between customers ???? So what the purpose of covering it with plastic ???????
    2. The only thing that is wiped down is the handle bars of the shopping carts, and you want me to put my produce “in” the dirty carts, where people sit, stand in with dirty shoes, dirty diapers including adults ????? And your so worried what my bag might be bringing in from home ????????? that the cashier can’t even get near it, reach in without touching it ?????? or in some stores can’t even put the bag on the conveyor belt even if I have to empty it myself. NO CONSISTANCY FROM STORE TO STORE AND ONE SET OF RULES FOR STORE & STAFF AND ANOTHER SET OF RULES FOR CUSTOMER ?????!!!!!!!
    3. Cashier raising their voice at a customer while checking out ???? When asked to change gloves and/or just pick product up, scan and replace, all without touching the bag !!!!!!????? And then yells at me when as I was talking to my friend next in line of what was happening with her “April” store # 4009 at 8410 Farm Rd. yelled at me again to talk to the mgr.. I was trained “never” yell at a customer.!!! ALWAYS be apologetic do whatever it takes to make the “customer” happy not the staff.
    4. Shame on store mgrs for not walking around, paying attention to what is going on, REALLY looking, seeing and hearing what’s going on in their stores. Mgrs should NOT be hiding in offices, they need to be out there making sure things are getting done and done properly. Checking for cleanliness, courtesy, lack of stock etc. etc. etc.. If nothing else do and “undercover boss” thing if mgrs don’t want to do their due diligence. Office work ANYONE can do, customer service NOT everyone can do. !!!!!
    5. Unfortunately I know hundreds of people don’t bother to say anything or file a complaint because it usually falls on deaf ears and nothing is done and all they’ve done is waste their time. So many tell me “it’s not worth my time, doesn’t make a difference”. So sad and that usually is true. But I also tell them that if they don’t then they really can’t expect anything to change.
    6. I would love to be Albertson’s customer service instructor. An employee should always “De-escalate” a situation NOT “escalate” a situation by either doing nothing, raising their voices at a customer or worse yet walk away or disconnect the call. !!!!!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVERRRRRR.
    I can guarantee that ANY customer, regardless of how upset or angry they are would walk away happy after dealing with me !!!!! GUARANTEED !!!!! I’d be happy to be part of your training staff !!!
    7. I guess it really doesn’t matter how things are done/run, what policy & procedures are (good or bad), whether staff is courteous or not, whether shelves are stocked, whether cleanliness is enforced or not BECAUSE customer still have to go to grocery stores and most people continue to go to the same one due to convenience and put up with whatever happens. It’s human nature to put up with issues for convenience sake.

  2. I always use my albertsons on stephanie. Even if prices are a few cents more, the People throughout the store, from Pharmacy, to stockers and check out are the best! Always helpful and friendly and happy to see you. In a pinch, i will run into the neighborhood walmart for a small item (usually ice and cheese), but, Albertsons is and will remain my shopping store, because of the PEOPLE who work there!


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