Ratefd.com | Take Family Dollar® Survey & Win $1,000 Daily

Sweepstake Name Family Dollar Survey & Sweepstake
Sweepstake Rewards $1000 Daily & $1500 Weekly
Survey Methods Online, By Mail
Survey Deadlines January 2020 to December 2020
Survey Language English, Spanish


RateFD Survey Rules

  • Minimum age to enter the Family Dollar Survey is 18
  • For Online Survey a purchase receipt is required
  • Family Dollar company’s employee or affiliates can’t take part in the survey
  • The prizes are not transferable
  • Each survey completed on the Website and mail-in entry shall receive ten (10) entries to the draw.
  • For Mail-in entries, unselected entries will not be eligible for subsequent draws.
  • The prize will be sent to the winner within 60 days of the draw date
  • The chances of winning the prizes depend on the number of eligible entries received for each Daily Sweepstakes Period

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Steps to take RateFD Survey

You can enter the survey Online and By Mail Method

Enter survey Online


  • Make a purchase at Family Dollar store and save the receipt (If you already have a fresh receipt then purchase is not required)
  • Go to the official survey site which is http://www.ratefd.com
  • Choose the language between English and Spanish
  • After that enter the transaction ID number that is typically located to the right of the date and time at the bottom of your receipt and is separated into four groups by spaces. Enter all digits in the spaces provided, based on how they appear in groups on your receipt.
  • Once you enter the survey answer all the questions and submit your store visit experience and feedback

Ratefd Sweepstake Reward

(31) Daily Prizes per month (one prize per day): USD$1,000, CAD$1,000, £1,000, DKK 8000 or €1,000

(4) Weekly Prizes per month (Three prizes per week): USD$500, CAD$500, £500, DKK 4000 or €500

Enter the survey By Mail

Follow the given instruction to enter the survey by mail (You can also find all the information on official survey rules page)

Hand-write the following sentence on a sheet of paper “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize” with hand-printed your first name, last name, home telephone number, full address (no PO Boxes accepted), email address, and the name of a participating client and mail it in a separate envelope and postage to:

[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
New York, NY


[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5N 2X4


[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
One Victoria Square
Birmingham, UK
B1 1DB

About Family Dollar Company

Family Dollar (FD) is an Americal retail chain which was founded by 21 years old Leon Levine at Charlotte in North Carolina in 1959. In 1970 the company went public and at that time one share price was $14.50.

On July 2014 Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar company for a whopping $8.5 Billion. The family dollar has its own customer feedback survey portal which is still running. You can find all the details related to the survey in this post.

18 thoughts on “Ratefd.com | Take Family Dollar® Survey & Win $1,000 Daily”

  1. I am just letting you know that you are losing customers at your family dollar store #02924 in Warwick rhode island. the reason being is that one person that works there name Inez is not customer service friendly. She will not open a register if there are 7 or 8 people in line and makes the other girl do all the work all the time. This is not a one time thing. it happens all the time. I am not one to be critical of a person’s work performance, but she is not helpful at all.

  2. I can not remember my old password to change to a new one, I do not want to get locked out again, could u help with this ,I was trying to get my w2 for 2019,everytime I try to log in ,it says my old password does not match what is on file ,maybe could u please mail me my w2,employee # is 1230044,user id 26061525,i worked at the Mt Gilead store .please

  3. Just want to compliment the manager of store#06471 in Kirbyville, Texas for all that she is doing to help the senior citizens during this coronavirus pandemic. She is letting customers in, wiping buggies, and carrying purchases to the cars and unloading them. She deserves more than accolades from her customers–she deserves monetary compensation from her employer!! She is going way over and above what should be required of her.

  4. I love shopping at Family Dollar because of your prices being fair and you offer quality merchandise. The staff is friendly and always helpful. I am having a REAL problem with your District Managers or Regional Managers concerning your Greensboro NC store located on Randleman Rd. YOUR CORPORATE OFFICE IS OFFERING NO PROTECTION FOR YOUR WORKERS AGAINST THE CORONA VIRUS!!! No PLEXI-GLASS SHIELD at the register, no MASKS for workers, no GLOVES for workers!!!! COME ON CORPORATE!!! IT’S SO OBVIOUS FAMILY DOLLAR DOES NOT CARE ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR ASSOCIATES!!!! PERHAPS OUR LOCAL TELEVISION STATION WOULD BE INTERESTED IN YOU TOTAL DISREGARD FOR YOUR LOYAL ASSOCIATES WORKING THE “FRONT LINES” IN THIS PANDEMIC.

  5. I went to a family dollar today store #02349. So I went to buy some tissue, got to the cash register it rings up more than the sign stated in the store. Store Manager stated the item was in the wrong spot and he could take fifty cents off the product. My question is as a consumer that does not work at the store why is that my problem. I asked him why you not selling it at the price you have on the sign. The store manager proceeds to say I don’t have to sell it to you for the price it says on the tag. This store is just not it, I’m not saying I wont shop at family dollar anymore, but I will not give anymore of my hard earned money to this store. why give af if they cant get there stuff right on there end. Put the right product with the right Tag isn’t that the job of the store.

  6. I am making a complaint against your store at 1039 branch ae in providence rhode island. the employees name is keke. tell me why I can not enter the store with out a mask. But your employee can have her mask around her neck. how is this fair or safe. I enjoy my visit to your store,, But I sm seriously considering doing my business else where. not a happy frequent custumer..

  7. At a little before 3:30 pm on June 13, 2020, I entered the Family Dollar store # 09211, 7150 S Florida Ave. Floral City, Florida. I only needed one item that I was readily able to obtain.
    There were two employees behind the counter, both involved in other pastimes. There were no other customers. I rang the bell on the counter which was ignored. After a couple of seconds I approached one of the employees and asked to be served since I was in a hurry. He yelled to the other one (Kerri) to ring me up. She then came to the counter and told me she could not access the register. I stated again that I was in a hurry, she then gave me a 30 second lecture saying it wasn’t her fault the only one who could access the register was out in his car having a cigarette. She then went out the front door I assumed to get the person who could operate the register.
    When she came back she informed me he would be in as soon as he was finished.
    At that time I asked where the manager and was informed by Kerri that she was busy.
    After several minutes another individual {Taylor} came in the front door still breathing smoke and rang up my purchase at 3:43.
    15 minutes to ring up one item?
    Employee smoke breaks supersede job performance?
    Rude attitude?

    Dollar General is only a quarter of a mile away.

  8. Hello. I purchased some items at store #05556 then came home to do the survey but I could not complete the survey, it would not allow me to enter the transaction I D number. This chance to win $1,000 daily and prizes is a BIG lie!!! On the positive side Thank you Family Dollar for being a one stop shop with affordable prices.

  9. i wont be shopping at the versailles ind store anymore–bought a tv Digital antenna from them got it home the power thing was not with it–took it back manger would not give me my money back so im out $21.40–she said you can get another one i said no thank you walk out of the store never to return to it store01533

  10. Went to your store in Westwego, La. (#08793) and was VERY IMPRESSED By The Cleanliness and, Organization of this store (Unlike your other stores, which are … CLOSER …to me!!). I will visit this store MORE OFTEN! Thank You, Sybil S. Gordon 2928 Penwood Street Gretna, La. 70056

  11. Shopped at store # 08319 851 in Kentwood Michigan, and will never set foot in another family dollar store again. Employees NOT required to wear masks, when questioned I was greeted by a rude, “I don’t have to”. If fd doesn’t care any more for my health, then I don’t think they care about my money. Never ever will I shop at fd again!!!

  12. I visited store #06642 on Monday October 12th. The line was very long and a customer asked if another register could be open? The manger said to customer “hold up I am helping cashier”. I thought this was very inappropriate due to her tone. When I got to register there was a discrepancy with the total price. There was a sign that said buy 2 $5 bags of candy get 1 free. The manager was at another register waiting on another customer. The cashier waiting on me asked her about the price? The manger immediately “you have to buy 2 and its the large bags” I referred them to the sign. The manager said very sarcastically “that was last week” I asked why weren’t the signs taken down? She came around and started ripping signs down and making comments under her breath. This was the worst display of a manger that I have ever seen at this store. She is new since the store opened back up from the looting. This store is only 5 minutes from my house but I will be going to another location. The community needs this store but will not be treated with disrespect.


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